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If You Are Lazy Like Me You Should Check Out This 3D Printed Tea Steeper

Have you ever dreamed of a world where your tea makes itself?

The blogger “Istimat” designed a solution and wrote about it in his blog named Solderchips. With a self set time limit of two hours he designed a small machine which hangs on your mug. It dunks your teabag three times into the hot water, than waits for three minutes and pulls out the teabag to let it drip.

Perfect tea every time!

fusion_overvWhile the parts were 3D printed, Istimat wrote the program for the Arduino which controls the machine. All in all it took eight hours to produce the working tea steeper.

Be sure that you don´t need that much time to make yours by checking the blog entry where you can download the 3D models.

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