Home Software Indian startup 3DAiLY offers AI tool for the creation of 3D models

Indian startup 3DAiLY offers AI tool for the creation of 3D models

The Indian startup 3DAiLY has introduced an AI-based platform for the creation of digital 3D content that aims to simplify the process of 3D modeling. Unlike many other AI applications, 3DAiLY does not see itself as a replacement for human 3D designers, but aims to support and accelerate their work with smart tools.

The centerpiece is an AI editor that can generate 3D models from 2D sketches and concept drawings. The AI should not only provide photorealistic surfaces, but also optimal mesh topologies and file formats for various applications. This also applies to 3D printing.

If required, customers can use the platform to collaborate with selected 3D artists to create individual models and assets. A marketplace also offers a pool of license-free 3D models.

According to 3DAiLY itself, it has already acquired well-known major customers from the entertainment industry. The combination of AI power and human expertise positions the company as the leading end-to-end solution for contemporary 3D content creation. The fee-based packages start at 10 dollars per month.

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