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Indian startup presents open source 3D printer mainboard SmartPrintCoreH7x

The Indian startup Boltz R&D has released the SmartPrintCoreH7x, a new open-source motherboard for 3D printers, on GitHub. The powerful, highly customizable electronics are designed to provide both hobbyists and professionals with an outstanding printing experience.

At its heart is a powerful ARM Cortex-M7 microcontroller from semiconductor manufacturer STMicroelectronics. According to Boltz, the STM32H723 provides sufficient computing capacity for complex 3D printing tasks. The board supports a total of five stepper motors and has five closed-loop connections for precise motor and position control.

The user-friendly design is intended to facilitate setup and handling with features such as self-locking connectors. Thanks to the openness of the open-source design, the community can adapt the mainboard to individual requirements.

It is compatible with common firmwares such as Marlin and Klipper and is suitable for high-performance 3D printers thanks to its robust power supply and efficient heat dissipation. It was developed in the free KiCad software to make contract manufacturing even easier.

The board is aimed at users of modular and customizable 3D printers. Thanks to its open design, interested parties can not only purchase the board, but also modify and manufacture it themselves. Boltz is looking for partners for contract manufacturing.

Downloads and further information can be found directly on GitHub.

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