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Jonathan Keep presents free PDF manual on 3D printing with clay and ceramics

British ceramic artist Jonathan Keep has published a comprehensive guide to 3D printing with clay as a PDF file that can be downloaded for free. The 70-page guide, titled “A Guide to Clay 3D Printing,” offers a detailed look at the possibilities of 3D printing with ceramic materials.

The guide first provides basic information on 3D printing with clay, such as the limitations of this process and the equipment needed for printing. Practical tips are then given on how to create suitable 3D models using various techniques such as 3D drawing, 3D scanning or coding. Further chapters deal with the preparation of the clay for printing, the use of different types of clay, and slicing, i.e. breaking down the 3D model into printable layers.

Of particular interest are the technical supplements, which document in detail experiments to optimize parameters such as the relationship between nozzle size, layer thickness and printing speed. The PDF also includes step-by-step instructions for converting an inexpensive plastic filament 3D printer to use it for printing with clay.

The file can be downloaded directly here. He has also posted a one-hour introduction to 3D printing with ceramics on YouTube.

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