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Kentstrapper Presents 3D Printer Controller NOAH – Update: Noah Hits Kickstarter

Shortly after the launch of Zero, Italian 3D printer manufacturer Kentstrapper announces a new product, supposed to present a solution to various well known 3D printing related issues.

October 22nd 2015 – Dubbed Noah, the 3D printer controller will simplify the printing process while handling most common issues:

With this device we aim to simplify 3D printing, solving the main issues that every uses of a 3D printer has faced at least once: interruption of power supply, failure of printing or filament breakage, impossibility to manage the print queue. With Noah we give a single answer to many issues.”

The stand alone device can be controlled using its Smart interface and handles the print queue for up to three attached 3D printers. Noah also has a slicing software installed to prepare STL files for printing. The so called Phoenix System, also installed on their Zero 3D printer, handles power loss with a controlled shutdown, so once the power is restored, the printer can continue from where it left off. Noah also provides information on the printing ongoing process, either on its display or on remote devices connected through WIFI.

Kentstrapper intents to launch a crowdfunding campaign for their latest device, but hasn’t announced a date yet.
Similar 3D printer control devices, such as the Element by Formide, the Sharebox by Sharebot or Airwolf 3D’s Wolfbox are already available on the market.


January 18th 2016 – Update: Noah hits finally Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign just started and the first few Noah´s are already sold. A limited quantity of the small device can be preordered for just 215€.

After that the price jumps to 299€ and above. Check out their video:

These are the main benefits of using Noah:

  • MultiUser: Noah manages an unlimited number of users organized inside the device by creating a dedicated work space for everyone.
  • FileSharing: Noah allows to share files between all users registered in the device.
  • Managing the print queue: Noah can manage a queue of files to print theoretically infinite and managing them intelligently
  • Internal Slicing: Noah is able to make the slicing of your files without Internet connection.
  • Information display: An LCD display provides real-time information about the status of printers and the system itself.
  • Wifi: The Noah is reached via an ad hoc network (Access Point) or by connecting to your WiFi network.
  • Auto-Updating: The system updates itself automatically, without  the need of any maintenance management software.

The goal is to reach 45.000€. We will keep you updated!

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