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Kwambio to Launch 3D Printing Marketplace for Customisable Designs

Start up Kwambio is about to launch their 3D printing marketplace for customisable designs, featuring objects in the four main categories fashion & jewellery, home decor, gadgets and art.

The platform is designed to be a creative community, where users can customise and personalise objects created by designers, using an intuitive web interface with sliders. Once verified, the design is streamed directly to 3D printers. Designers can make money on each customisation of their original designs and don’t have to share the file of the 3D model itself with the customer.

Kwambio recently presented their 3D printer UNIQUE One, with a competitive price of $ 800, at the 3D Printshow in New York. Mass production of the first-ever custom-design 3D printer with a 3D interface should start later this year.However, users of the platform can print products with any other 3D printer they might own or use a 3D printing service offered by Kwambio’s partners.


The start up has also closed a $ 650.000 round of funding from Techstars Boston and additional angel investors. CEO and co-founder of Kwambio, Vlad Usov,stressed that Kwambio is turning its focus to international markets, particularly in the US and Europe. It aims to maintain a presence in Boston in the long term, in accordance with its wider market goals.

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