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Largest Commercially Available Delta 3D Printer

Dutch manufacturer Tractus3D produces the largest commercially available delta 3D printer. With its build volume up to 2,1 meter in height and 1 meter in diameter, the T3500 3D printer provides large scale industrial 3D printing solutions.

Big, fast and accurate

Tractus3D is frontrunner in the list of commercially available large delta 3D printers. When it comes to build volume, the Tractus3D T3500 is the absolute biggest, especially in height. The T3500 has the ability to print 1000 millimeters in diameter x 2000 millimeters in height (2100 millimeters in center). Despite the size, this huge 3D printing machine does not compromise on accuracy. With a resolution of 20 microns (0,02 millimeter) on the XY-axis and a resolution 50 microns (0,05 millimeter) on the Z-axis, the Tractus3D T3500 prints even the finest details. When objects do not require such detail it’s possible to print at a lower resolution up to 1000 microns (1 mm). The travel speed is 300 mm/s and the printing speed goes up to 200 mm/s.

Tractus3D CEO Ben Schilperoort, “We are proud to offer the largest commercially available delta 3D printer. The T3500 makes true large scale prototyping and manufacturing possible. Whether it concerns big batch sizes or a life-size object, the T3500 will do the job. Thanks to the way our 3D printers are built, we can even produce larger 3D printers on-demand. So, if the build volume of the T3500 does not meet customer requirements, we can still make it happen.”

The Largest Commercially Available Delta 3D Printer

Foolproof large 3D printing

Out of filament detection

Large size 3D prints cost more time and money, so customers want a high guarantee on success. That is why Tractus3D added extra features to decrease the chance of failure. When the large volume 3D printer runs out of filament, it will go in stand-by mode. Once the new filament is added, the print will continue where it left off and finish the object. Also in unforeseen circumstances, such as a power outage, it’s possible to continue the print from where it left off. This way Tractus3D ensures a quick, foolproof 3D printing process and reduction of time and material waste.

Freedom in material choice

With a nozzle temperature of 300° Celsius, a build platform temperature up to 100° Celsius and a bullet proof closed chamber to preserve the heat of the printer. The T3500 can handle a lot of different materials, from PLA to ASA and everything in between. The 3D printer has an ‘open filament system’, this means users are free to choose their preferred filament supplier and not obligated to buy a particular brand.

Service on location

The large format printer is installed at the customers location by one of the Tractus3D engineers. Also included in the retail price is an extensive training to learn how to operate the printer and the 3D printing software. This is a service Tractus3D provides worldwide.

Always the latest technology

Tractus3D does not make products that turn obsolete in the blink of an eye. Thanks to the modular build and the Service Level Agreement which comes with the T3500, new innovations can be added. When a new technology hits the market, the 3D printer can be upgraded to the latest standard. This way Tractus3D ensures customers to have a state of the art machine that is also easy to maintain.

The T3500 is already being used already for the restoration of Rotterdam and manufacturing high-end fashion mannequins

Restoration of Rotterdam

During the Second World War, Rotterdam was heavily damaged from bombing and the damage has left scars on the city that can still be seen today. The historical buildings which are left are carefully taken care for. Woonstad Rotterdam manages real estate and is responsible for carrying out restoration to preserves the city’s treasures. Prior to incorporating 3D printing, objects like gutters and ornaments were handmade using stone, costing a lot of time and money. The T3500 has not only reduced the amount of labor, by 3D printing the large constructions they save a significant amount of money on the cost of supplies. Thereby the objects are much lighter, saving them a lot of hassle on installation. In one of their projects they actually have reduced costs of restoring old gutters and ornaments with 70%.

Producing high end fashion mannequins

Tractus3D printers can 3D print entire life-size mannequins at once

Hans Boodt Mannequins has reduced costs significantly as well, by implementing 3D printing for manufacturing their high end fashion mannequins. The main advantage however is the decrease in production time. When clients like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein need custom mannequins in their shop window, Hans Boodt is able to produce them in 2 days instead of 8 weeks. They can 3D print entire life-size mannequins at once, granting customers an immediate insight in the end product. C. Viguurs, Product Development Manager at Hans Boodt states that: “From now on, it is going to be completely normal for fashion labels to design their own mannequins to match their clothing lines, their branding and the look they’re aiming for. Thanks to 3D printing, we have become the dream of every fashion label’s creative director.”

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