Home Software LEAP71 presents Noyron – large computer model for engineering

LEAP71 presents Noyron – large computer model for engineering

LEAP71, a Dubai-based company, has introduced Noyron – a comprehensive computational model for engineering. Noyron integrates logic, physics and manufacturing expertise into a unified computational framework.

The proprietary software bundles domain-specific expert knowledge, physics and thermodynamics rules and specifications for manufacturing processes. With every new insight gained from the design and production of complex machines, the performance of Noyron continues to grow.

The core of the system is PicoGK, LEAP’s open-source geometry kernel for the robust creation of complicated 3D shapes. On this basis, LEAP71 develops further specialized computer models for various engineering fields such as rocket propulsion, electromagnetics or heat transfer.

A central output of Noyron is the 3D geometry data of the designed objects. However, the model also attempts to comprehensively predict their performance parameters. Based on specifications, it calculates a design that best fulfills the desired functionality.

To do this, Noyron approximates mechanical motion sequences, thermal behavior and other physical interactions based on condensed expert knowledge – similar to a human engineer.

The observed real or simulated performance data then flows back into the further development of Noyron in order to successively improve the accuracy of the predictions and map the system more realistically.

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