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Maker 3D prints a DeLorean model from “Back to the Future” on a scale of 1:1

Maker Brian Brocken has presented an ambitious project on Hackaday: He wants to build a remote-controlled flying model of the cult car DeLorean DMC-12 from the movie series “Back to the Future” on a scale of 1:1.

First, Brocken modeled the car in 3D in great detail using Fusion 360 software, paying meticulous attention to the original dimensions. He then used a converted industrial robot to produce the individual parts from expanded polystyrene (EPS) and glued them together.

According to Brocken, the weight of the raw model is around 14 kilograms, which is almost exactly the calculated mass. To make the model more weather-resistant, it is also coated with a layer of glass fiber-reinforced plastic.

In order to make the DeLorean model fly, four to eight powerful electric motors with propellers will initially be installed. Tests with one motor have shown sufficient thrust. An elaborate flap system is to cover the propellers when the flying car is not in operation.

Another technical challenge is the design of the door hinges so that the wing doors can be opened and closed realistically. Here, Brocken is developing a concealed mechanism with linear drives.

According to the maker, work on the flying DeLorean is not yet complete. He gives an insight into his project in a YouTube video.

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