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Maker presents 3D-printed 2-speed screwdriver

The maker Revolver3DPrints has presented a 3D print template for a screwdriver on the Printables platform. The screwdriver with the name “Revolver” is intended to solve problems that annoyed the maker with conventional screwdrivers.

According to the description by Revolver3DPrints, its development is intended to improve work in tight components, the falling out of screw heads and the slow loosening of screws, among other things.

The screwdriver has a rotating middle section and an integrated 2-speed gearbox. This offers a slow gear for precise work with high torque and a fast gear for quickly loosening long screws. The swivel joint also allows the turret to be used at difficult angles without slipping.

What is particularly interesting is the fact that all of the screwdriver’s components are completely 3D-printed – including the 2-speed gearbox. This not only enables inexpensive in-house production, but also easy customization and repairs.

The model can be downloaded free of charge from Printables.

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