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Maker presents free 3D print model for shaker pump for garden hose

The maker DrJones has presented a practical shaker pump as a 3D print model on the Printables platform. A pump like this helps when transferring liquids and the maker has also added an adapter for Gardena hoses.

A shaker pump works on the principle of communicating tubes and has a non-return valve at the suction point. By shaking the suction piece with the non-return valve, the liquid to be sucked in is gradually conveyed into the hose behind the suction piece due to its inertia. This continues until the column of liquid tips over, i.e. until the lower end of the column is heavier than the upper end. The liquid is then moved further by the force of gravity acting on the two liquid columns (ascending and descending column). It only has to overcome the flow resistance at the non-return valve and in the hose.

The 3D model can be downloaded free of charge from Printables.

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