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Maker presents thermoelectric dryer for 3D printer filaments

Moisture is an ongoing issue for 3D printer users, as damp filaments can lead to printing problems and inferior components. A developer has taken on this challenge and designed a compact thermoelectric dryer for 3D printer filaments.

The system is based on a Peltier element, an electrothermal converter that actively cools one side while the other emits heat. The cold side of the element is used to condense the humidity through clever air routing. Two air inlets in the 3D-printed housing guide the air over the cooling source before it is extracted again. This ensures that the air has sufficient contact with the cold surface to condense and remove moisture.

A particular challenge was the collection device for the condensation water, as experience has shown that it tends to find leaks. Developer Ben Krejci therefore integrated a funnel mechanism that reliably drains the water. In addition, the polarity of the system is regularly reversed so that the cold side of the Peltier element defrosts automatically.

The filament dryer is housed in a spacious tool cabinet that offers sufficient space for filament rolls. It is controlled by an ESP32-C3 board with temperature and humidity sensors using ESPHome software. This makes it easy to monitor and control the drying process.

During operation, the system maintains a relative humidity of less than 20% in the dryer housing, thus ensuring ideal conditions for storing sensitive filament types such as PETG or TPU. A detailed description of his project can be found here.

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