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MakerBot Lays Off Another 20% of Its Staff

After the company’s reorganisation back in April, MakerBot is now laying off 20 percent of its staff for the second time this year. This was announced by Jonathan Jaglom, CEO of MakerBot, in a blog post published yesterday:

“For the last few quarters, we did not meet our ambitious goals and we have to make significant changes to ensure MakerBot’s future growth and success. In order to lead our dynamic industry, we need to get back to our entrepreneurial spirit and address our fractured organizational structure.

Jonathan Jaglom, CEO MakerBot

Within half a year the Stratasys subsidiary has downsized their staff by a total of 180 employees along with the closure of three retail locations. According to Jaglom’s post, the latest reorganisational changes do not only include a 20% staff layoff, but also changes within their leadership team to focus on their people and the MakerBot 3D Ecosystem, the move of the R&D teams from Industry City to the corporate headquarters at MetroTech in Brooklyn, setting a defined product development plan and working with a contract manufacturer to save on costs.

The company has brought on Kavita Vora as their Chief of People in order to “create a company and culture that is focused on our people” and Nadav Goshes as their President.

Bre Pettis, founder and former MakerBot CEO has left the company in June this year to join Bold Machines. A few month before his move, Jennifer Lawton, took over from Pettis as CEO. Soon after, former Stratasys executive Jaglom came in. MakerBot is also currently dealing with a lawsuit due to the alleged shipment of faulty printing heads.

Jaglom concludes: “For us to succeed, our employees, customers and community will be our #1 priority. I remain highly optimistic about MakerBot and I am excited about our future.”

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