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7000 Fannin Street, Suite 2140 Houston Texas USA
There is a growing push for biomedical and pharmaceutical research to transition towards three-di...
REGEMAT 3D is a biotech company focused on regenerative medicine and pioneer in a new and promisi...
hyperDENT Hybrid Module.png
Regerstrasse 27, 81541 Munich, Germany, Deutschland
The hyperDENT® workflow is configured perfectly to suit laser-sintering machines. With the additi...
Campus-Boulevard 79, 52074 Aachen, Deutschland
Production service: LightFab produces prototypes and series of complex 3D quartz glass precision ...
Ostendstraße 25, 12459 Berlin, Germany
botspot is technology leader for photogrammetric 3D scanners. Our claim to quality is the driving...
Wilhelm-Herbst-Straße 1 Bremen 28359 Germany
81 Ubi Avenue 4#05-20 UB. One Singapore
Bio3D Technologies develops the world’s first true scientific 3D printing platform and inno...
6275 Nancy Ridge Drive, Suite 110 San Diego California USA
At Organovo, we design and create functional human tissues using our proprietary three-dimensiona...
Bâtiment C - 1er étage27 allée Charles Darwin Pessac France
Poietis is a biotechnology company whose mission is to support Researchers and Physicians in the ...
470 Ramona Street Palo Alto California USA
CELLINK is the first bioink company in the world and is also the creator of the world’s first uni...
3Dynamic Systems is a Swansea University UK-based 3D-Bioprinting manufacturer offering the first ...
Calle Romero 29, nave 13 Spain
EBERS Medical Technology SL is devoted to the development of equipment for cell and tissue cultur...
No. 1398, Xiangbin Road, Wenyan, Xiaoshan Hangzhou Hangzhou China
SHINING 3D®, founded in 2004 and listed in “New OTC Market”(”New Over-the-counter Market“) on A...
Otto-Hahn Str. 27 Dortmund 44227 Germany
pro3dure medical provides customized and proven technology packages. Here the focus is both gener...
Willy-Andreas-Allee 19, 76131 Karlsruhe, Deutschland
+49 (0)721 680 30 87 0+49 (0)721 680 30 87 0
+49 (0)721 680 30 87 77
Apium Additive Technologies GmbH, former Indmatec GmbH, is a technology based company in Karlsruh...
Z.I. du Vivier 22 Villaz-St-Pierre Switzerland
regenHU is an innovative biomedical company located in Switzerland, belonging to the CPA Group SA...
146 - 2259 Lower Mall Vancouver Canada
Aspect Biosystems is an award-winning biotechnology company specializing in 3D bioprinting and ti...
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