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Messerschmitt BF109T – RC Airplane Out of the 3D Printer

Štěpán Dokoupil is a Czech pilot that is an enthusiastic model airplane lover and more recently he also bought a 3D printer. He has already published a few models and now the Messerschmitt BF109T was published.

The BF109T was built and used in the second world war from Germany and has a lot of fans now. The Czech Štěpán Dokoupil is one of the fans and he has already built other historical model airplanes with his 3D printer. If you want you can buy all needed g-codes for each airplane he has built on 3dlabprint for 10 to 20 dollars. If you buy the g-codes an instruction is also added or, as alternative you can find several video tutorials on YouTube.

Štěpán Dokoupil explained that 3D printing if perfect for the creation of such model airplanes because with a 3D printer you can add very complex mechanical structures. And exactly these structures make the airplane stable whilst it has a very low weight. A similar principle is used in real airplanes. But the guy has also warned interested people because it’s a bit of a challenge to 3d print these complex parts. For example printing the thin layer that covers the wings can cause problems. If you want to print the parts you printer needs a building area of 195 x 195 x 195mm at least.

Anyways, it is quite impressive to see how a model airplane that’s made of plastic with a 3D printer can fly. If you think now the model is really small you are wrong. It has a wingspan of nearly one meter and may fly up to 150 km/h.

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