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MuPiBox: The Toniebox alternative from the 3D printer

A group of developers has published the MuPiBox, a modular jukebox as an open source project. The core component is a Raspberry Pi in combination with a 3D-printed housing.

According to the creators, the MuPiBox is suitable for young and old for the uncomplicated playback of local and streaming music. The box is operated via a built-in touchscreen.

Developer Erik Gerhardt originally created a jukebox for children based on an old Sonos player. Together with Olaf Splitt, he then came up with the idea for the MuPiBox as a further development of this concept.

The operating system is specially tailored to the requirements of the jukebox. For example, it enables Spotify to be played as well as local MP3 files or Internet radio stations. According to Splitt, one aim was to keep the complexity for the user to a minimum.

The electronics are complemented by a modular housing that can be easily replicated. The developers provide STL files and assembly instructions as well as a list of the required parts. Variants with or without loudspeakers are available as required.

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