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New Magics version enables advanced traceability, connectivity and automation

Magics introduces its workflow automation tool and deep integration with the CO-AM software platform and Materialise Machine Manager.

To facilitate connectivity and traceability throughout the manufacturing process, the latest update focuses on interfacing with other software solutions.

“Traceability is critical for any 3D printing production,” says Egwin Bovyn, Product Line Manager at Materialise. “It’s not only a requirement for highly regulated industries like aerospace but also plays an important role in quality improvement. Tracking the parameters of past builds gives users insights into what goes right and what goes wrong. It gives them a detailed log to refer to while improving their processes.”

The update also introduces integration between Magics and Materialise Machine Manager, connecting users to their build processors.

“By connecting Magics to our Machine Manager, we’re offering a new cloud-based solution to manage your AM machine park and connected Build Processors,” explains Brecht Pellens, Product Manager at Materialise. “Cloud-based working is inherently more collaboration friendly — users no longer need to rely on one workstation for all their build preparation work — so sharing files and processing parameters with colleagues is also easier than ever. Plus, all processing parameters and build files are now stored in the cloud, continuing the traceability factor in this stage of your workflow.”

Another highlight of the Magics update is Workflow Automation’s first ready-to-use script. The first ready-to-use script – Smart Labeling – was developed for Protolabs and automatically labels parts in minutes.

“Labeling twenty parts takes just one person maybe five minutes with our new automated workflow. Before, it was an hour and a half, two hours for two people. It wasn’t fun work. And now the team experiences less stress and uses their time for more challenging, interesting work that truly motivates them,” says Christoph Erhardt, Manager of Customer Projects & Additive Design at Protolabs.

Materialise will showcase its CO-AM and Magics technologies May 2-4 during the RAPID+TCT conference at McCormick Place in Chicago, booth 4830.

Find out more about Materialise at materialise.com.

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