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New version of the 3D-printed robot PiPBOT released

Designer 3DHONZA has presented a further development of its modular robot PiPBOT, Print-in-Place roBOT. Version 2.1 of the patent-pending robot is now compatible with commercially available RC components.

As the name suggests, the PiPBOT chassis can be completely removed from the 3D printer in one go – without support structures or subsequent assembly. Servo motors, receivers and battery packs can now be inserted into the recesses provided in order to move the robot by radio control.

According to the developers, this design enables extremely fast realization of their own robot creations. The STL files of the PiPBOT 2.1 are available for a fee of 4.99 US dollars, but the print template is free for the original version.

To increase customizability, 3DHONZA is planning additional attachments for common sensors, controllers or cameras. Makers should be able to easily equip their robots with the desired functionality.

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