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Open source “Space Mouse” 3D-printed by yourself for around 20 euros

As an alternative to expensive commercial solutions, a resourceful maker has developed an affordable open source version of the “Space Mouse” – a practical 3D input device for CAD and graphics software. If you have manual skills and a 3D printer, you can make the special mouse yourself for around 20 euros in material costs.

The Space Mouse from 3D Connexion is very popular with many design professionals due to its intuitive 3D control. However, the price, even for entry-level models, deters some interested parties. This is where the open source project “Space Mushroom” offers a cost-effective alternative.

The principle is very simple: four joystick modules control the six degrees of freedom for movements and rotations. An Arduino board then translates the analog signals into digital commands for common CAD programs such as Fusion 360 or Onshape.

“You get a fully functional, free space mouse for around 20 euros per part,” explains Michael from Teaching Tech, who realized the project for his own use and shared it on Printables. “It can be operated intuitively like the original and is recognized by the target software as an official model.”

In addition to the Arduino components and joystick modules, only a USB cable, cable lugs and a few screws are required. The remaining plastic parts can be produced on almost any 3D printer.

After transferring the published firmware, the DIY space mouse can be put into operation immediately. Optionally, the control system can be adapted to individual preferences by fine-tuning the software parameters.

Although making your own mouse requires skill and perseverance, the successful symbiosis of open design and DIY saves a lot of money. Instructions, 3D model files and other required parts can be found here.

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