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Osteo3d Launches Online Archive for Medical 3D Models

Osteo3d has launched an online repository for 3D models of parts of the human body.

With currently already over 100 models available, the platform features categories such as head & neck, spine, chest, abdomen & pelvis and extremities. Doctors and medical professionals can either use the 3D Viewer to inspect models, download them or have the 3D printed and delivered through Osteo3d. This way they can compare them to the data of their own patients.

Additionally, doctors have the possibility to upload digital medical images of their patients and have the 3D printed through Osteo3d’s service, which is powered by the design factory for 3D printing, df3d.


Another online marketplace providing anatomical 3D models is Threeding, who with the help of 3D scanner developer Artec 3D has digitised models to be download on their platform.

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