Home Industry Prellis Biologics raised $8.7M for holographic 3D printing

Prellis Biologics raised $8.7M for holographic 3D printing

The San Francisco-based biotechnology company Prellis Biologics and Khosla Ventures raised successfully $8.7M for investments in holographic bioprinting.

Prellis is developing a bioprinter which uses cell-ink to create 3D tissue and organs for research. The printer named Holograph X aims to create complex scaffolding structures for lab-grown human tissues with the ability to produce oxygen-supplying blood vessels in high resolution.

The scaffold is then used as a foundation to culture any type of cell in a given structure. The company did not reveal details about the optical-based technology but aims to begin its first large animal studies to test tissues with a 3-4mm diameter as arterial replacements in 2019.