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Prusa presents enclosures for the XL and MINI 3D printers

The Czech 3D printer manufacturer Prusa is launching two new accessories on the market: “XL Enclosure” and “MINI Enclosure“. The enclosures for the 3D printers are designed to create a stable environment for 3D printing with demanding materials.

XL Enclosure is a fully-fledged enclosure that integrates seamlessly into the existing Prusa product line. It features a HEPA filtration system with 99.9% efficiency to reduce particles and odors. Fan profiles and ventilation openings ensure optimum operating temperatures for the components. The enclosure is directly connected to the printer firmware and can be controlled via a new menu on the touchscreen.

“The enclosure gives you significantly more control over the printing environment,” explains company founder Josef Průša. “This enables the use of demanding materials such as PCCF, nylon or ASA and reduces problems such as warping of objects.”

The compact MINI Enclosure is based on the housing for the smaller MK3S and MK4 models and offers similar options such as a mechanical key switch or an optional fire alarm system. Extensions such as LED lighting and a filter module can also be retrofitted.

Prusa will be offering owners of XL and MINI printers a discount on the individual purchase of the enclosures in the coming days. Printer and housing bundles will follow in two weeks.

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