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ReCreator 3D: Recycle PET bottles into 3D printing filament

The ReCreator 3D kit makes it possible to turn a standard Ender 3 3D printer into a machine for recycling PET bottles.

The so-called ReCreator 3D MK5 kit uses the principle of pultrusion. It involves cutting PET bottles into strips and then pulling them through a heated nozzle to make 3D printing filament.

According to the developer, the kit consists of 3D-printed components that attach to the 3D printer. These include a bottle cutter, a holder and a filament spool. The conversion is said to be simple by hand and reversible.

The big advantage, according to experts, is that PET bottles and other plastic waste can be recycled instead of being thrown away. In addition, the company’s own filament can be produced inexpensively. This can be especially useful in regions with limited access to filament.

Parts for this ReCreator 3D can be downloaded directly from Printables. More information can also be found on the official homepage.

The YouTube channel “CNC Kitchen” has also dealt with the ReCreator 3D and published an explanatory video.

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