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Red Dot Design Museum will show 3D Printing Exhibition

Since a few years 3D printing is gaining more and more attention from the public and 3D printing technologies could get a commodity in our society. The Red Dot Design Museum in Essen planned an exhibition named „Making a Difference / A Difference in Making“ to celebrate this circumstance.

„Making a Difference / A Difference in Making“ shows different faces of different 3D printing technologies. It´s the second stop for the exhibition after shown in Brussels. The exhibition shows different 3D printed objects of artists and designers like Patrick Jouin, Iris van Herpen, Jan Wertel, Gernot Oberfell and Daniel Widrig. It was arranged by the known architect and scientist Marta Malé-Alemany. It’s also supported by Materialise, only a few weeks ago the company was in the news because of their 3D printed aluminium.

Last years show in Brussels was a huge success because lots of people came to have a look at the 3D printed designs. So the exhibition in Essen at the Red Dot Design Museum could also become a success for 3D printing spreading the awareness of this production method. Because these exhibitions are also a kind of advertisement for the 3D printing technologies we surely celebrate this event!

„Making a Difference / A Difference in Making“ will be held from the 27th September until the 30th October.


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