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RePPA: Automation of Resin 3D Printing Post-Processing and IPA Recycling

The German company Collyou presents RePPA, an automation for post-processing for resin 3D printing, on Kickstarter.  

Post-processing resin 3D prints is not the easiest task. The chaotic system of multiple machines, tools and toxic substances could definitely be easier. That’s what the developers of RePPA thought.

Protection against hazards

The most familiar steps are, of course, washing and curing resin prints, which are combined here in one device.

“You don’t need any special protective equipment because you don’t have direct contact with the chemicals during post-processing,” the company explains on its Kickstarter page.

This reduction in danger when handling 3D printing resin alone makes the purchase of a RePPA worthwhile. But it also saves some effort and equipment, since no special protective gear is required.

Another important selling point is automatic IPA recycling. Anyone who has done it themselves knows the hassle of cleaning the alcohol manually. Not only does it take a long time, but it again requires its own equipment and storage containers.

With the RePPA, this task is accomplished many times easier:

After the cleaning process, the solvent is pumped out (and the container is rinsed again), the pressure is finished curing, and the dirty IPA is cleaned in its own chamber.

According to the manufacturer, this allows the IPA to be used bi up to 30 times longer than with conventional cleaning. It takes only 330 minutes for 4 liters of IPA.

Two versions are currently available: the RePPA and the RePPA Pro. The RePPA offers all of the above features, while the Pro version adds ultrasonic cleaning, metal buildup, faster pumps and a larger volume.

The RePPA is available for 209€ (US$223) and the RePPA Pro for 949€ (US$1012).

Find out more about RePPA at kickstarter.com.

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