Home Software Researchers present AI part vectorization tool for 3D printing

Researchers present AI part vectorization tool for 3D printing

A team led by Dr.-Ing. Sascha Hartig has presented the “ChatGPT-based Part Vectorizer” tool. This solution converts the physical properties of parts into structured complexity vectors, thereby simplifying manufacturing processes.

At its core, the application uses the language models of the OpenAI platform to create customized Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) for additive manufacturing. The ‘Funnel-Sieve’ model combines artificial intelligence with advanced planning algorithms, enabling precise control of production processes. The uniform vector representation of key component properties makes production control in 3D printing significantly more efficient. The tool promises to optimize and simplify workflows and resource planning.

With free access to Part Vectorizer on the OpenAI website, both manufacturers and scientists can drive forward the further development of their additive manufacturing processes. The tool can be accessed here.

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