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ROBOZE – EUROPAC 3D: together supporting UK market

Europac 3D is a British company, well-known all over the world for its offer of state-of-the-art 3D printing solutions, that recently has become official distributor of ROBOZE 3D printers. The new ROBOZE One+400 Xtreme will be shown on April 11th at Lancashire Digital Technology Park during the Open Day organized in partnership with FDM Digital Solutions.


In the heart of Crewe, in the county of Cheshire in UK, Europac 3D has offered for many years consultancy and services in the additive manufacturing industry, conquering a leading position among the first companies in UK that are able to offer the distribution and application of high precision 3D printing and scanning solutions. The company has a constantly growing lab, that houses several machines for additive manufacturing and that now will house and offer ROBOZE printing solutions. During the workshop on April 11th – organized by ROBOZE together with Europac 3D and FDM Digital Solutions – it will be possible to discover the advantages in using the new ROBOZE technologies in the production processes with the support of engineers, technicians and experts in Additive Manufacturing.

ROBOZE chose Europac 3D as official reseller with the aim to reach all those companies that intend to succeed in the market thanks to 3D printing technologies with high temperature super polymers and composite materials, guaranteeing high performances even in the most extreme environments. Indeed, ROBOZE is a leading company in 3D printing of PEEK  and Carbon PA, carbon fiber filled polyamide, currently the strongest material in the FFF 3D printing market, thanks to its 138 MPa tensile strength.

We’ve always supported manufacturing companies in specific sectors, like aerospace and motorsport. This kind of industries cannot settle for limited capacities in terms of technical performances of the materials that they use in their manufacturing processes”, said John Beckett, Director & Founder di Europac 3D.” For us, being a ROBOZE partner is a strategic business and operating choice, as we believe that it is the only valid solution for the production with super polymers and composite materials, that meets the real needs of the end users”.

Currently, the United Kingdom has an important and interesting position in the global 3D printing market, with a percentage of purchases and sales equal to 5%. From a technical point of view, the UK government is particularly interested in the growth of the 3D printing sector, aiming to increase trade up to 8%, for a value of $ 6.5 billion. To date, the major sectors that benefit from 3D printing in the UK are Aerospace, Motorsport, Education and Medical.
Europac 3D expertise and the high technology of ROBOZE solutions will be a valid answer to support the growth of the whole Country.


The ROBOZE One+400 Xtreme will be shown in premiere during the Open Day organized by ROBOZE, with the collaboration of the British partners Europac 3D and FDM Digital Solutions (Xtreme3DParts centre in UK) that will be held on April 11th 2019 at Lancashire Digital Technology Park at Burnley (BB10 2TP).

The visitors will have the chance to have a tour around the FDM Digital Solutions labs, where engineers, designers and Graeme Bond, FDM Digital Solutions CEO, will provide their assistance to illustrate the use of Additive Manufacturing in-house, in order to understand how this technology can optimize manufacturing processes, reducing time and costs and guaranteeing high performances in terms of technology and materials.

To attend the workshop please send an email at info@roboze.com.

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