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ROBOZE is on the top according to StartUs Insights

ROBOZE, the company that designs and produces the most precise 3D printing solutions in the world for industrial applications, has been selected as one of the 4 most innovative enterprises with the most disruptive potential in the 3D printing sector, according to a research done among more than 260 companies working in the same field.

The analysis of StartUs Insights, that aims at globally monitoring and identifying the budding realities on an entrepreneurial and technological basis, selected ROBOZE among 260 companies, underlining its innovations in terms of materials engineering and development of new technologies in the additive manufacturing market.

Additive Manufacturing is changing the way of producing in several industrial sectors. The integration of ROBOZE 3D printing technology in the traditional manufacturing processes allows a company to reduce the lead time of a product and better control the quality and the cost of the components within its own manufacturing chain. Further advantages are the increased freedom in terms of design and the possibility to create components that could not be easily produced with traditional manufacturing, because of too time needed and extremely high costs.

The analysis, published by StartUs Insights, has also highlighted the great performances of our high temperature composite materials and super polymers, available on ROBOZE 3D printing solutions. ROBOZE techno polymers – having extraordinary thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance like Carbon PEEK and PEEK – are able to replace metal alloys, allowing to print functional parts for any kind of application in extreme sectors like Aerospace, Oil&Gas, Motorsport.

“We are proud of being selected as one of the 4 top companies in the Additive Manufacturing field”, declares Alessio Lorusso, Roboze CEO & Founder. “As a confirmation of the hard work that allowed us to achieve great results, we are aware that there is still much to be done, but our willpower and perseverance will lead us. We like new challenges, as a way to demonstrate the entire manufacturing world the added value of our 3D printing solutions and guarantee real advantages in terms of precision, performances, flexibility and personalization to our end customers”.


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