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Sculpteo Introduces 3D Print Preview Tool “FinalProof”

The online 3D printing company Sculpteo has launched FinalProof, a 3D printing preview tool for their cloud-based content-to-3D-print solution.

FinalProof simulates any potential loss of detail that could occur during 3D printing and therefore eliminates wasted prints, cost and time by showing the final object exactly how it will appear – what you see is what you get. It also simulates the layering effect often present with 3D printing and is a relevant and useful tool for all users.


  • Generates a true-to-life image of the full 3D print
  • Anticipates the result obtained with our most popular printers
  • Allows changes to the final product before it is printed
  • Analyses complex 3D files of up to 5 million polygons
  • Saves money by avoiding reprinting
  • Supports any type of browser and platform
  • Is free for all users

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Clément Moreau, CEO and co-founder of Sculpteo: “Typical 3D rendering solutions are engineered to produce images that look better than reality, so you never truly see what you are going to get. Sculpteo designed FinalProof to show images that are as real as possible, including potential defects in the printed result. We believe it’s a key step to ensure that every 3D print is successful.”


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