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SMARTTECH3D Robotized is an Industrial 3D Scanner in a Box

Smarttech3D Robotized is an industrial 3D Scanner on a robotic arm in a box which scans objects automatically.

At the 3D Print Show in Warsaw today and tomorrow (16. – 17. October 2015) SMARTTECH3D shows of its newest 3D Scanner, the Robotized. This new 3D Scanner comes totally enclosed in a nice box. The lighting and impact from the user is minimised through the enclosed boxing. So the 3D Scanner can be placed independently of the lights in a room.

And of course the scan process runs fully automatically. The object can be as big as 300x400mm and will be scanned with details of up to 0.03 mm.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 14.50.31
Smarttech3D Robotized

Read more in the full press release below:

On our booth 27 where you will be able to see the most advanced fully automate 3D scanning solution dedicated to industry – dedicated light 3D scanning head mounted on robotic arm – closed in solid safety box.

Solution is dedicated to large industrial customers who would like to minimize to human influence in inspection process an therefore minimize the error caused by the end-user.

It’s role is only to place the objet on the rotary stage and turn the robotic arm on.

In next step Robotic arm using 3D scanning, locates the exact positions of the object on rotary stage, therefore we know the location of the CAD model to which we will compare scan data.

When CAD is located – end-user can choose which exact area of scanned surface he would like to inspect. Quality control is provided automatically by the Robot.

After finished inspection User is given a full report of inspection which includes all deviations not only described but also visualized in PDF3D.

Specially developed plugin allows to provide 3D scanning as well as inspection directly in GEOMAGIC Control software – what, thanks to many features as well as friendly interface makes job simple and intuitive.

Despite quality inspection Robotic Arm can acquire shape of the object, the results can be used for CAD modeling in appropriate software.

3D scanning head is certified according to VDI/VDE 2634 norm – so the end-user can be sure that surface is measured with described accuracy which is 0,03mm for measurement volume 300×400.

SMARTTECH3D Robotized does not require special conditioned room darkened room, all external factors are minimized with shock absorbing system and air conditioning .

Whole station is placed on wheels that helps in moving it from a place to another.

Full solution features; Calibrated scanning head, robotic arm, unlimited in time license of geomagic control, fully integrated workstation with touch screen, rotary stage, air conditioned measurement safety box.

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