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SOLAY: New Elastic Rubber-like Filament by Kai Parthy

German inventor and 3D printing material specialist Kai Parthy is constantly adding new and interesting filaments to his LAY-Filament portfolio. Following the POROLAY series, LAYWOOD and LAYBRICK, BENDLAY, LAYCERAMIC, MOLDLAY and LAYFOMM, Kai has just unveiled his latest material development: SOLAY, an elastic filament that can be used to 3D print rubber-like objects such as shoe soles, straps, belts or similar.

“A couple of years ago in my first life, I worked at the costume department of Leipzig Theater as shoes-maker,” Kai explains. “We produced that time individual shoes for dancers and opera singers and all actors made by leather from pigs, goat or cow and of course silk. Today I ́m happy to provide a material for our 3D-printers to print creative styled shoe-soles, being able to vary the effect of elasticity and damping, using intelligent design and sclicing methods. Follow my coloring instructions for vintage looks.”

The material features the same elasticity as natural rubber (caoutchouc) with a Shore A hardness of around 90. SOLAY comes in a natural colour but can be dyed or painted in any colour using either inks or markers. You can even achieve a vintage look or stone-washed effect.


  • solay_flexible_3d_printing_filament_3d_druckmaterial_kai_parthy10rough filament, durable, skin-friendly, haptic
  • elastic as caoutchouc
  • Shore A/~90
  • high filled with nature born organic pigments (over 30%)
  • paintable with permanent markers
  • colourable with inks (ethylalcohol marker inks, available in graffiti shops)
  • make your print vintage
  • stone washed effect / blue jeans effect
  • for dampers, running shoes, experimental shoe-wear, authentic old style shoe soles possible
  • why not for belts or other wearables



  • 0.4 mm nozzle, sticks well at roughened capton and most other, 20° to 60° plattform
  • 0.2 mm layer, thicker the more rough surface
  • solay_flexible_3d_printing_filament_3d_druckmaterial_kai_parthy6175°C to 190° white colour, goes brownish when long under heat,
  • rough and easy to feed filament, does not stick in silicon-tube
  • experimental filament
  • no treatment with harmless solvents (f.e. Aceton) possible
  • pricing: same as Layfomm and Layfelt / check with your local dealer

Currently SOLAY is available as 3 mm diameter filament at retailers. The 1.75 mm diameter filament will be available in the first half of 2016.

stone-washed effect
stone-washed effect

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