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A Solution for Mass Customization

In 3D Printing, surface finishing and coloring post processing solutions are needed to produce acceptable printed parts. CIPRES, a leading provider of SLS 3D printing and e-coloring services, will be the first European company to provide high-speed surface finishing using AMT’s PostPro3D technology, in conjunction with CIPRES’S proprietary e-coloring technology. This unique combination of technology enables CIPRES to produce thousands of perfectly finished 3D Printed parts per day.

The market for additive manufacturing of mass produced and mass customized goods is expected to grow rapidly following the advent of new high-speed 3D printing systems. The combination of PostPro3D and e-coloring offered by CIPRES is set up to work with laser sintering (SLS), HP’s multijet fusion (MJF) and high-speed sintering (HSS) from voxeljet.

The PostPro3D system developed by AMT integrates the PUSh technology into a fully automated surface-finishing machine solution. The PostPro3D systems can process parts 3D printed in nylon (PA12, PA11, PA6.6) on all major powder bed fusion platforms. It can also be used on elastomers and composite materials. The system is fully automated, as the user simply sets the required surface smoothness for the specific end-product application. Additional automation involves six-axes robotic arms for part handling future versions will implement AMT’s proprietary machine leaning algorithms to provide feedback during processing.

Credits: https://www.helios-sonnenuhren.de/de/helioswatch-0

Founded by Carlos and Ingrid Prestien, German service bureau CIPRES is recognized for its expertise in delivering superior quality 3D printed consumer and industrial end use products. Over the years they have brought to market unique 3D printed eyewear, accessories and several award-winning 3D printed

Leveraging the benefits that derive from a more flexible and direct digital manufacturing approach, CIPRES’ clients will be able to offer high quality consumer products which can be unique pieces as well as individually customized products and limited collection series.

We are already producing several different wearable products but our main focus has always been in the eyewear industry. The combination of PostPro3D and e-coloring is an ideal multi-functional technology as we see post-processing as an additional and highly strategic branch of production in the future of the AM industry,” Ingrid Prestien explains.

The ability to rapidly 3D print fully finished parts can help to accelerate the product development and also ensure faster time to market, rapidly responding to both changing product design iterations and evolving market demands. The digital process, capable of delivering finished products, will increase production efficiency in many market segments. Leveraging its extensive experience in this sector, CIPRES will focus its own offer primarily on production of unique and customized frames, with color and surface quality equivalent to ‘traditionally’ manufactured eyewear.

The cooperation with AMT also allows CIPRES to offer manufacturers, especially small and medium size enterprises, high performance 3D printed products with excellent aesthetic properties. The combination of smooth surface finish and e-coloring adds a significant step in the digital production value chain. CIPRES is intends to lead the way in post-processing by providing the finishing touch.

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