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Springmann, EOS and Cookson Precious Metals are jointly exhibiting at EPHJ show 2012 in Geneva/Switzerland, Booth C42

Lead by main exhibitor Springmann SA AG, Swiss-based distributor of EOS with a long-standing experience as a technology supplier to the Swiss luxury goods industry, EOS, technology and market leader for design-driven, integrated e-manufacturing solutions for industrial applications, and Cookson Precious Metals, worldwide established supplier for the precious metal industry, are joining forces to exhibit at the EPHJ show 2012 in Switzerland. Between June 5 and 8, the yearly international show gathers dealers and manufacturers of products and solutions for the complete production chain of watch and jewellery making in Geneva. Under a joint development partnership EOS and Cookson have been developing DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) driven applications using materials such as precious metals and titanium. At the booth, they will showcase some exciting 18ct jewellery and watch parts made from the DMLS process.
Frédéric Springmann, CEO of Springmann SA in Neuchatel in Switzerland, states: “With our long-standing business experience in Switzerland, and also in the Swiss jewelry and watches industry, we see a huge potential for the additive manufacturing technology in these industries. We certainly have to further educate these markets about the benefits of the technology. Yet it has the potential to put upside down existing design and manufacturing rules we have known for years from the conventional world. And we are confident that the technology will quickly prove to be the perfect choice for a lot of players in the market.”
Arno Schmadl, Business Developer for Lifestyle Products at EOS, adds: “Our DMLS technology offers a large degree of freedom of design that these industries have long been searching for. Our innovative machines enable the realisation of entirely new products and geometries that can satisfy the quality requirements of the most demanding brands. As such, the technology pushes designer’s imagination to the next level. With Springmann, we rely on an experienced distribution partner who has a profound knowledge about the challenges that the jewellery and watches industry is currently facing and for which DMLS can offer a solution. And we are excited to work with Cookson to make precious metals processable for this additive manufacturing technology too.”
David Fletcher, European Product Manager for Cookson Precious Metals, adds: “We are one of the leading precious metal manufacturers, suppliers and refiners in Europe. Additive manufacturing provided by EOS enables the processing of precious metals such as 18ct gold. We can now create 3D bespoke jewellery and watch components from CAD files. This takes us on an exciting journey permitting the creation of highly complex and intricate designs that weren’t thinkable before. Moreover, the beauty of the technology is that it can be used to produce both one-off pieces as well as large scale production eliminating many process steps and tooling costs.”
All three companies envision a customized e-manufacturing solution in which the EOS technology changes the economics of making jewelry or watches. At the same time the technology is lowering the general costs of entry into the business of making quality jewelry and watch parts in precious metal. As such, e-manufacturing with DMLS enables jewellery and watch designers to produce pieces without the boundaries of conventional production techniques.

About Springmann

Since 1920, SPRINGMANN SA is an independent company representing various, mostly European manufacturers of premium investment goods for mechanical fabrication and its peripherals. Covering Switzerland and Liechtenstein SPRINGMANN SA can relies on a skilled and experienced sales and after sales staff. Two locations (Neuchâtel and Niederbüren) ensure customer proximity both in language and geography. For further information on our Springmann and our sales portfolio please visit www.springmann.com.

About Cookson Precious Metals

Cookson Precious Metals (CPM) is a leading supplier of fabricated precious metals in Europe, a supplier of gold, silver, platinum and palladium alloys, wire, sheet, tubing, coin blanks and casting grain. Cookson is also a major precious metals refiner with London Bullion Market Association good delivery status. www.cookson-emanufacturing.com

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