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TOP 5: Most Important Events of 2017 in VSHAPER

The year 2017 was marked by innovation, cooperation and development. New products presented during prestigious international fairs, new partners in the distribution network and new customers using VERASHAPE solutions in production processes are just a general summary of our last year’s activities. Underneath, we present 5 most important events of 2017 in VSHAPER, which not only influenced the development of our company, but were also of great importance to the entire field of 3D Printing.

1. SOFTSHAPER for every 3D Printer

At the beginning of last year, we announced that we had signed a license agreement with Siemens PLM Software, thus becoming one of the world’s first 3D Printers manufacturers, to create software based on Parasolid Communicator to support the import and proper preparation of models for printing.

Less than a week since the world of 3D Printing learnt about the agreement with Siemens, we spread the news about the launch of the SOFTSHAPER 2018 beta tests. 217 beta testers from 23 countries have applied to take part in the project.

Together with the British distributor of VERASHAPE solutions – AM3D, we presented the effects of our work during one of the largest events in the field of 3D Printing in the world – TCT Show in Birmingham. That was where the world premiere of the latest SOFTSHAPER 2018 version took place.

2. VERASHAPE designs a 3D Printer for medicine

The world’s biggest industrial fair – Hannover Messe took place on April 24th -28th 2017. During the event VSHAPER MED 3D Printer, designed for the medical sector, was presented to the public for the very first time.

VSHAPER MED prints in 450°C and it features: UV sterilization, ventilation with HEPA filter, the ability to print with PEEK, PPSU or PLA, PLLA, ABS, PMMA, PA, PC, PET-G, HIPS, PVA and housing made of silver based antibacterial powder coating.

The subject of the application of 3D Printing technology in medicine is becoming increasingly popular at various medical conferences, where our experts share their wisdom presenting the capabilities of VSHAPER MED.

One such meeting was the XV Robotics 2017 conference in Zabrze, organized by the International Society for Medical Robotics and Professor Zbigniew Religa Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development. During this year’s conference, Prof. Ryszard Leniowski, R&D Software Manager at VERASHAPE was one of the speakers. In his lecture Prof. Leniowski explained, among others, how to use 3D and 5D Printers to create three-dimensional models in one technological cycle and focus on the importance of using the appropriate software in the process.

3. BIBUS MENOS distributes VSHAPER 3D Printers

In August, 2017, we signed a cooperation agreement with BIBUS MENOS, recognized as the best and longest-running distributor of professional 3D Printers in Poland, enriching their portfolio with VSHAPER 3D Printing solutions. The company is operating, among others, in the fields of pneumatics, mechatronics, industrial automation, power hydraulics and 3D Printing, consistently offering products of over 50 recognized world manufacturers.

The distributor believes that Introducing VSHAPER will allow them to offer systems tailored to the needs of professionals. VSHAPER 450, VSHAPER PRO and their customization capabilities are of great interest to their customers.

As part of the cooperation, BIBUS MENOS offers VSHAPER 3D Printing solutions on the Polish market, presenting them during many national events related to the field of 3D Printing. One such event was the November Forum Silesia 3D Print in Sosnowiec. The purpose of this meeting was to present ready-made and planned solutions for scanning, prototyping and 3D Printing for broadly understood industry.

4. VSHAPER in education

On October 22nd, 2017, a cooperation agreement was signed between the manufacturer of VSHAPER 3D Printers and University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów (WSIiZ). The purpose of this agreement is to establish a strategic partnership related to “3D Printing design” specialty in the field of “Graphic Design and Multimedia Production” offered by the University.

As part of the agreement VERASHAPE experts will verify and assess the program of studies at “3D Printing design” specialty, take part in meetings with students and conduct chosen classes.

The cooperation has already yielded first results. Two student teams from WSIiZ joined an international competition called “Additive Manufacturing Cup” organized by a global corporation – SOLVAY. With the support of VSHAPER PRO 3D Printer, they will be competing with other teams printing models in PEEK.

WSIiZ is not the only university cooperating with VEARASHAPE. Scientists from Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht use VSHAPER PRO in their work on the development of welding and joining processes and applications of metal-polymer hybrid structures. Whereas Technical University of Košice (TUKE) uses the same printer model in their research into the use of 3D Printing in medicine.

5. 5D Printing with VSHAPER

Among innovations still being developed by the VSHAPER R&D team is the VSHAPER 5-Axis Machine. The financial support of OP Smart Growth 2014-2020 has made the ongoing intensive work on the development of the machine. Worth 2,8 million euros ‘Globally innovative additive printer’ project, set up by the Polish producer, has been subsidized with 2 million euros.

VSHAPER 5-Axis Machine was presented at Formnext Fair in Frankfurt, where modern technological solutions, applied in various branches of industry, are presented. Formnext is the leading trade fair for Additive Manufacturing and the next generation of intelligent manufacturing solutions in Europe. Every year, the event brings together a range of professionals responsible for making investment decisions in various industry sectors.

VSHAPER 5-Axis Machine, developed by VERASHAPE R&D department, will transform the way people think about 3D Printing in FFF technology. Thanks to 5-axis kinematics equipped with tilting rotary working platform – one can forget about the conventional “layer upon layer” printing method. VSHAPER 5-Axis Machine features active workspace in the shape of a cylinder with a 300 mm diameter and a 300 mm height. The printer is equipped with a tool store allowing the use of few different heads in one printing process. Thanks to constant temperature inside the working chamber and heated platform, the machine can process most thermoplastic materials.

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