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Trim3nsion starts sale of their 3D gypsum powder

After spending 2 years developing its own gypsum powder, Trim3nsion finally reached its goal in early 2018. With “VoxelPowder”, the company is launching a powder for the Projet x60 and Zprinter x50 series, which is at eye level with the OEM.

“We are pleased to present a powder that has at least the quality of the original in many properties,” said Fritz Rositzka, the CEO of the company.

Thus the powder has the same stability, whereby the models can be reworked as well as if them had been printed with original powder. The powder is as good to vacuum as the OEM.

In addition, the “VoxelPowder” has a high whiteness, has better color rendering, less distortion and in most cases neither deposit build-up nor discoloration, which always like to appear on the machines.

The cost price is also significantly lower, which can significantly reduce the high costs of print jobs and enable companies to do better business.

Since the founding of the company, the management has always set a principle and has remained faithful to it ever since. Therefore, they do not conceal that they have one weakness towards the OEM.

So their powder has a slightly higher abrasion on the surface, whereby the tear-off edges have a slight blur. However, this would only noticeable in a direct comparison.

“Of course we want to convince with our quality, but also show our customers that they can trust us and that we do not promise them things our products can’t fulfill. That has always been important to us and will remain so, “emphasizes Fritz Rositzka.

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