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X1 Plus: Jailbreak firmware for Bambu Lab 3D printer developed

A group of 3D printer users from Bambu Lab has developed an alternative open source firmware for the manufacturer’s X1 3D printer. The project, known as “X1 Plus”, promises additional features, more control for users and improvements in terms of security.

Bambu Lab relies on closed firmware for the X1. A team has reverse engineered the firmware of the Bambu Lab X1 3D printer and developed a community firmware from it. With the alternative firmware, the developers want to contribute their own ideas and functionalities that are missing from the original firmware.

According to a test on the YouTube channel “Teaching Tech“, X1 Plus offers, among other things, more detailed status information for bed leveling and a graphical display of the compensation values. It is also possible to integrate your own boot logos or lock screens.

Special modifications to the “application board” of the X1 make it possible to choose between the original firmware on the board and X1 Plus from the SD card when booting. It remains to be seen how Bambu Lab will react to the alternative firmware project.

You can find more details about the firmware in this video from Teaching Tech.

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