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YouTuber 3D prints money box with automatic coin sorter

YouTuber and 3D printing enthusiast Rocco has designed an unusual money box that automatically sorts coins by value. Just like in a vault, the coins fall through a slot in the box and roll down an inclined plane. At the end, a mechanical device distributes the coins into four compartments according to size – for cents, nickels, dimes and quarters.

According to Rocco, the tin consists entirely of 3D-printed plastic parts, apart from a few metal parts. He painstakingly modeled and printed all the individual parts, which then only need to be glued together. The inventor paid particular attention to a smooth transport mechanism for sorting the coins.

In a final test run, the money box sorted an entire cup full of change without errors and without depositing a single coin in the wrong compartment. Rocco has published the files for the 3D model files on the Printables platform. Anyone interested can download the template free of charge and simply print the money box themselves. The system is currently only available for US dollars, but Rocco has announced that he will also publish models for other currencies in the future if there is interest.

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