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YouTuber builds skateboard entirely with 3D printing

In a new video, YouTuber Emily The Engineer has built a complete skateboard from 3D-printed parts. In the almost 9-minute-long video, Emily goes step by step to test whether a rideable skateboard can be made from 3D-printed components alone.

After an unsuccessful first test with a 3D-printed penny board, Emily also manages to successfully print the larger parts of a regular plastic skateboard. She uses both her large 3D printer and smaller models. The main challenge is to ensure that the printed parts are strong enough to bear Emily’s weight without breaking.

After several test runs and adjustments to the print, Emily manages to produce a roadworthy model. The wheels, for example, were printed from a more elastic filament to create more grip. Emily also had to make adjustments to the axle, as the ball bearings did not work perfectly at first. With the final adjustments, the 3D-printed skateboard can easily withstand Emily’s weight and can even be used for tricks, as Emily demonstrates at the end.

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