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YouTuber presents 3D-printed PC case and publishes instructions

A YouTuber has built a compact PC case entirely from 3D-printed parts. Thanks to sophisticated cooling, the temperatures inside are even better than on an open test setup.

Using PETG and carbon fiber-reinforced filament, YouTuber stand_up_g4m3r has designed a mesh-like case that enables optimal air circulation thanks to its open design. The case holds the mainboard, power supply unit and graphics card securely in place thanks to the targeted use of heat-conducting adhesive and magnets.

According to measurements, the CPU and GPU temperatures are in some cases significantly lower than in a comparable setup without a case. The YouTuber attributes this to the good heat dissipation and better heat-conducting paste during installation.

He also explains every build step in elaborate detailed photos – from printing the individual parts to the final assembly with cooling, fans and lighting. Thanks to the modular principle, extensions or design variants can also be implemented at will.

Anyone interested can download the 3D models from Printables free of charge and build the futuristic case. According to the YouTuber, the accuracy of fit of the rails for fixing the side parts is a particular challenge. Otherwise, however, the construction is easily manageable even for amateurs.

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