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YouTuber presents switchable magnets from the 3D printer

British YouTuber Robert Murray-Smith has presented a new DIY project: A magnet whose magnetic field can be switched on and off by rotating it.

The simple but clever design essentially consists of two rotating brackets with embedded neodymium magnets. The magnetic fields of the individual magnets can be bundled or canceled by rotating the parts in relation to each other.

According to Murray-Smith, the magnetic force can be easily scaled by using stronger magnets or integrating more magnets into the holders. Applications such as switchable tool clamps, door locks or product holders are conceivable.

The YouTuber has made the design of the switchable magnet available to download for free on the Thingiverse platform. According to Murray-Smith, 3D printing makes it easy for anyone interested to produce the components themselves and adapt them to their own needs.

In a video, the inventor clearly demonstrates the functional prototype: By turning the magnet housing parts, the magnet can be effectively switched on and off to attract or repel objects.

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