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YouTuber shows 3D printing of watertight test tubes

When 3D printing hollow objects, there are often problems with tightness and stability. YouTuber “DaveMakesStuff” has now found an elegant solution: With the help of tricky geometries, a high material density can also be created locally in the single-walled “spiral vase mode”.

The principle is reminiscent of the techniques used to give thin vase prints more strength: Narrow slits are modeled into the 3D model. This creates dense ribs during printing, which act like struts.

DaveMakesStuff also uses this process to make the base and rim of its test tubes more stable. Clever paths are used to guide the nozzle over the same areas several times so that the material becomes denser.

This achieves the feat of printing densely and robustly despite the single-walled geometry. There is therefore no need to compromise on appearance or function. Coloring and transparency can also be achieved.

DaveMakesStuff presents the smart test tubes and matching holders in a video. The latter make the modular system flexibly expandable – a beautiful combination of design and production technology.

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