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YouTuber shows practical method for strong 3D-printed connections

YouTuber Mike from NeedItMakeIt is working on a new approach to creating particularly strong 3D-printed connections. Instead of relying solely on threaded rods, he combines screw connections with the strengths of classic wooden joints.

His starting point is a diagonally toothed “overlap joint”. This tried and tested principle from carpentry increases the contact surface. At the same time, both workpieces are interlocked by means of chamfers and lock each other in place.

Mike transfers the advantageous properties of this wooden joint to 3D-printed plastic components and adds counter-rotating beads for locking. Additional continuous threaded holes ensure form-fit connections. The curved geometries distribute forces better than conventional methods.

In contrast to prefabricated wooden connectors, the maker can design the plug-in connections flexibly and precisely. Historical models serve as inspiration, which are optimized through iterative 3D printing and adapted to individual requirements.

Although the complex production process requires experience in 3D design, the end result promises maximum stability and resilience. Initial practical tests have shown high strength values for the prototypes.

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