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YouTuber shows simple design for 3D printed toy Nerf gun

YouTuber and maker Mark Rober has developed a 3D model for a 3D-printed toy Nerf gun. The simple design impressively demonstrates the possibilities of 3D printing.

The toy gun uses a so-called complient system to create spring elements distributed over entire components. This results in a significant reduction of individual parts, making it well suited for 3D printing. The design is available under a free license at the Thingiverse portal.

In a new YouTube video, the Slant 3D channel also analyzes Mark Rober’s 3D-printed Nerf blaster. For mass production, Slant 3D recommends making adjustments to the design. For example, the mechanisms could be extended in thickness to allow for larger and more resilient toy guns. Likewise, Slant 3D points to possible optimizations to the toy projectiles.

Analysis of Slant 3D:

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