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YouTuber uses 3D printing for leather stamps

3D printers are often used to produce prototypes, spare parts or design objects. However, YouTuber and leather craftsman James Berry has dedicated himself to a rather unusual application of 3D printing technology: the production of embossing dies for leather processing.

In a detailed video, Berry demonstrated the entire process – from the creation of a 3D model file to the actual 3D printing and the use of the stamps to emboss logos and patterns in leather. He tested the suitability of various filament types such as PLA, PLA+Carbon, PETG and PETG+Carbon.

The conventional PLA filament in combination with a 0.2 mm nozzle was particularly convincing. “With this nozzle size, even tiny details such as small letters or intricate patterns can be realized precisely,” explained Berry. As an example, he printed a stamp with the logo of a brewery, including fine elements such as star rays and a bear’s head.

Although the carbon-reinforced filaments such as PLA+Carbon and PETG+Carbon were more robust, they were not able to achieve the level of detail of pure PLA. PETG, on the other hand, showed slight surface irregularities, but these could be eliminated by post-processing.

“3D printing opens up completely new possibilities for leather craftsmen. Individual embossing stamps can be produced quickly, cost-effectively and in high quality,” said Berry, summarizing the advantages. His demonstration underlines the versatile potential of 3D printing technology beyond traditional areas of application.

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