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Zhuhai CTC Electronic is Working on Colour InkJet 3D Printer

Zhuhai CTC Electronics has unveiled their plans to launch an inkjet-based colour 3D printer at the CES 2016.

The Chinese manufacturer has so far produced some successful FDM-printers, with the “Giant 3D Printer” being the latest. One of their devices has also ranked second in 3D Hubs’ highest rated desktop 3D printers. While CTC has long announced their plans for the production of a DLP 3D printer, the company only recently  unveiled, that they are currently working on a colour inkjet 3D printer.

According to the Chinese blog Maker8, the new device will fuse multicoloured powder and resin using UV light and has been developed in collaboration with the University of London since November 2014. Vice President Jianru Tan also revealed that the 3D printer will be a black cube with curved panels and stylish lines. The technology itself could probably compete with existing inkjet 3D printers from Stratasys and 3D Systems.

ctc-electronics-china-herstellerFounded in 2004, Zhuhai CTC Electronic has successfully made the transition from 2D to 3D. It remains to be seen, whether the company will unveil any further details before their official launch of the machine in January 2016.


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