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ZMorph Expands Hybrid 3D Printer with New CNC Set

ZMorph has released a new CNC Set for DIY makers and industry professionals who want to cut, engrave and mill in materials like wood, plywood, plexiglass, PVC, PCB boards, carbon fiber, machining wax and others. The set includes the lates model of ZMorph 2.0 S Hybrid 3D Printer mounted with a CNC PRO Milling toolhead.

A working area of 250 x 235 x 85 mm allows creating both 2D prints and PCB prototypes as well as 3D engravings and foldable objects. The machine is also equipped with a strong and durable plywood table designed to provide comfort and security during CNC milling. Lockable plastic covers also ensure that no debris will damage the machinery, its operator, nor his workshop.

The new ZMorph CNC Set is available for € 1.590 EUR ( $ 1.790) in ZMorph’s online store and through a chain of official resellers.

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