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3D Printed Eyes Might be a Reality by 2027

The Italian studio for generative design, MHOX, has unveiled their latest research concept, following will.i.am’s call for ethical stance on 3D printing human bodies.

Their futuristic approach of 3D bioprinted sight augmentation is called EYE (Enhance Your Eye), a project based on the idea of not only replacing defected districts but also increasing the functionalities of human eye. MHOX’s research team has come up with a product range of three different models. While EYE HEAL is meant to replace standard eye functions for visually impaired people, EYE ENHANCE will allow the wearer to sharpen the sight thanks to its hyper-retina. Additionally, visual glands included in the design can be activated by swallowing EYE pills to filter visuals signals. Besides all the features mentioned, EYE ADVANCE will include glands supporting wifi communication. This would result in the wearer being able to record and share visual experience.


In order to install EYE augmentations, a surgical procedure needs to be performed to put the “Deck” into place, allowing for the bioprinted device to connect with the brain. Once this is done the user can easily interchange EYEs.

MHOX predicts its product will be available on the market by January 2027. While 3D bioprinting is already a reality, no one has yet been able to create an entire, fully functioning human organ. According to researchers and experts this might become a reality within the next 10 years.

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