Home Applications & Case Studies 3D printed underwater drone dives into flooded mine

3D printed underwater drone dives into flooded mine

Filip Buława and Piotr Domanowski have been developing underwater drones for over 4 years. A special feature of their drone is that it is manufactured using a desktop 3D printer. The two Poles market their product through the company CPSdrones.

As part of a paid course, you get detailed instructions, the 3D models you need, and information about the other individual parts you need in drone production. With the course and the required components, one comes to a price of about 1000 euros for the finished product.

According to the developers, the latest development of the drone can withstand depths of up to 85 meters. The speed is said to be up to 2m/s and there is a live video feed that allows you to watch the drone ride in full HD (1080p). Communication is done via a cable.

In a video, the makers test the drone in an old flooded mountain plant and show the performance of the 3D-printed drone.

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