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3D printer list

The following directory of 3D printers lists additive manufacturing devices currently known to us. We have divided them into six different categories:

  • Extrusion: FDM, FFF and other extrusion processes
  • Powder: powder-based 3D printing processes, EBM, SL, SLM, SLS and 3DP
  • Jetting: colour 3D printing via CJP and MJ (plus Mcor’s paper 3D printers)
  • Resin: SLA, DLP, LCM and SLT
  • Special: food 3D printers, bioprinters and other special applications
  • Obsolete: 3D printers and systems that are not available anymore

In order to provide us with additional information or to submit adjustments, please use the symbol next to the corresponding device.


(c) 3Printr.com – Copying and distributing this content is prohibited without written permission. Prices listed are guide prices only and may vary depending on offer, equipment, retailer and country in which the device is ordered from. The breakdown into categories is based on our own evaluation and is not binding.