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3D printer manufacturer Prusa launches firmware 6.0.0 with numerous new features

3D printer specialist Prusa has released a comprehensive firmware update for its devices. Version 6.0.0 introduces useful functions to all current models from the MINI to the XL. These include an improved “Cancel Object” function, new stealth mode, upgraded menus and device-specific additions.

With 6.0.0, the Cancel Object function has been given a new user interface in Prusa Connect. Using the remote application, the object to be stopped can be clicked directly on the virtual printing plate – handy for faulty or loose prints.

The new stealth mode ensures greater peace of mind during 3D printing. It limits acceleration, path speed and jerk, which slightly increases the printing time but enables significantly quieter operation.

The XL is the first Prusa device to feature “Phase Stepping” technology. This allows the stepper motors to be controlled individually in order to minimize vibrations and noise. After an internal test phase, the function will also be added to other Prusa models.

Devices with a built-in loadcell sensor, such as the MK3.9, MK4 and XL, can also detect a jammed filament thread and temporarily pause printing.

On MINI+, the user is supported with “Bed Level Correction”. Here, local irregularities in the heated printing plate can be compensated for using a four-stage correction value.

The new Prusa firmware is also accompanied by PrusaSlicer 2.7.4 with revised multi-material printing support and various enhancements for Prusa Connect, the platform for remote monitoring and control of 3D printers.

The updates are now available for download for all supported Prusa devices. Some functions such as phase stepping for other models will follow at a later date.

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